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Eden Heights Glamping

Enjoy our Hot Tubs


To ensure the safe and enjoyable use of the hot tub, please read and adhere to the following safety rules and user instructions


  1. People with heart disease, high or low blood pressure, any serious illness or who are pregnant, should not use the hot tub without consulting their doctor first.
  2. People with skin, ear, genital, or other body infections should not use the hot tub to avoid spreading infection.
  3. It is advised that children under the age of eight should not use the hot tubs. Supervise all children, in and around the hot tub and keep clear of the wood fired burner.
  4. Be aware that the heat of the water can speed up the effects of alcohol.
  5. Do not immerse your head in the water as it increases the risk of infection (and you could drown).
  6. Do not use electrical appliances near the water to avoid electric shocks.
  7. Do not use any contaminants such as bubble bath, oils etc. in the water.
  8. The flue is protected by a guard and you should not make any attempt to touch the guard or flue whilst the burner is lit. The heater door may also be hot and should be opened using the insulated handle. You must NEVER let the water out of the hot tub, OR touch and tamper with the hot tub if you have not hired it.
  9. Never allow the water temperature to go over 40°C (37°C for children)
  10. Do not use the hot tub after a heavy meal or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or sedatives.
  11. A member of staff will test the hot tub water daily during your stay.


  1. Read and adhere to the above Safety Rules
  2. Change into bathing costume, strictly no underwear or daywear allowed in the hot tubs.
  3. Use the toilet before entering the hot tub.
  4. Shower thoroughly with soap and water before using the hot tub to remove lotions, deodorants, creams etc.
  5. Do not dive into the hot tub. Take care when entering and leaving, the surfaces may be slippery when wet. Place 2 hands on the top rim when using the steps as these may also be slippery and unstable.
  6. Keep glass and sharp objects away from the hot tub
  7. Depending on the water temperature, it is advised that you should not stay immersed in the hot tub for longer than 15 minutes per 1 hour.